B.A. is known as Bachelor of Arts. It is a 3 year graduation program. It is very populated course in which maximum numbers of students take admission every year in India. All students will further go for various government jobs. It offers program in various subjects like History, Geography and Political Science etc. It will give permit to sit in various competitive exams. It is easy course comparing to B.Sc. and B.Com. Various universities offers B.A. program for graduation in India. Distance universities in India also offers B.A. graduation program which is very helpful for those students who have problem in regular studies. Generally we see that Some students want to go in administrative services like IAS and RAS, they will do B.A. for graduation. B.A. offers some good options for career like Journalism, Home Science, Designer, Mass Communications. These are really job oriented program which is very beneficial to get job frequently with good salary.

B.A. Graduation Program Details

Program : B.A.
Duration : 3 Year
Organizers : Universities
Subjects: Geography, History and others
Next Program : M.A. (Post Graduation Program)

Note: B.A. is easy program but it will check your learning skills. Numbers of points on every topic will gives you buzz that how anyone learn all points and write notes on that too. It will very helpful for students to become good speaker and writer too. It is a very good way to go for high administrative services.