B.Tech. is known as Bachelor of Technology. It is a revolutionary program which is completely responsible for changes in the world. It simply creates an Engineer who is innovative and always tries to invent something new kind of product and service which solves the problem of world. It is a 4 years graduation degree program. Student has to give entrance exam like JEE etc. to get admission in this engineering program. Engineering has a level of quality in program and colleges. Top most program of Engineering is IIT in India. MNIT Engineering program comes on second and remaining will go for normal B.Tech. Engineering program. Good scores in entrance test will give a better program, college and branch. It produces many types of Engineers like Computer, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and many more. You will be eligible to fight various competition exams for jobs after B.Tech. Program too. Engineering is the most demanded program in the India and World too.

B.Tech. Engineering Graduation Program Details

Program : B.Tech.
Duration : 4 Year
Organizers : Universities
Entrance Test: JEE and many more
Program Levels: IIT, MNIT and B.Tech. Program
Streams: Computer, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and others
Next Program : M.Tech. and M.S. (Post Graduation Program)

Note: India produces thousands of Engineers every year. So it is very competitive program specially for Computer, IT and Electronics branch because lots of private colleges and Institutes produce Engineers in these streams. But if you are in Mechanical, Electrical, Civil then it would be really good for you because these are not a crowded program. Students have to clear entrance test with good marks like JEE to get good college and branch in India.