Career Path after B.Tech. (Engineering)

B.Tech. means Bachelor of Technology. It is a graduation dgree program for Science (PCM) students who are dreaming to become an Engineer. It makes you an Engineer which is the most competitive job all around the world. It is a tough job where you should learn new things and technology daily to update yourself. Engineers are responsible to change the world, so self updation is very necessary for them to compete the world and competitiors too. There are many programs to do B.Tech like IIT, MNIT etc. Some students are confused between studies and job after graduation program. There are lots of career option after B.Tech. program in studies and career. Some students go for job (Governmet and Private), some go to start their own startup and run business, few go for further studies and some will change their stream and go for administration job and its preprations.
Numbers of career options are available after B.Tech. Program. Some are following:

1. Government Jobs
2. Private Jobs
3. Business
4. Higher Studies
5. Administrative Jobs Preprations
6. Online Courses

Jobs (Government)
Government Jobs are always favorite for every students. It gives you a great satisfication and securtiy from uncertainity. Families also force student to fight government exams and grab any position in government. Engineers jave lots of jobs in every segment like civil, electrical, computer, mechanical etc. Government agencies generate lots of jobs of Programmer, Civil Engineer, Mechanical Engineer and Electrical Engineers along with various other posts and sectors. Departments like Railway, ISRO, DRDO others are great source of engineering jobs.
Jobs (Private)
Everyone is not lucky to get government jobs. Lots of engineers do private jobs after B.Tech. Many major companies generate engineering jobs. Currently in Coorporate Sector is in more demand, everyone wants to join high profile company instead of small company. Companies like Reliance, Wipro, Tata and many other gives attractive salary packages to the engineers. Companies have offices in so many cities and countries too. Many sectors like Software, Telecommunications, Petrochemical, Cement etc. are available for engineers to make their career.
Administrative Jobs
Some students change thier career way to the administration. They have decided to go for administration job like IAS, RAS and many others. They have done engineering but they want to participate in administration of country. They want to make projects, rules for country development. They follow their passion to be a part of the development of country. They are from engineering but go for administration, which is completely different but they will use their experience and knowldege in new administrative services.
Business is for lifetime. Many passout students are going to start their own business or startup. Online medium help to go online and start a startup business. Many engineers have decided to do own business and change the world with a new product or service. Some are going to run their parental business and join hands with the families. Some are going to open their own Coaching Classes and Institute to follow thier passion of teaching. Civil Engineers start their own company to build great architecture and building of the world.
Higher Studies (M.Tech. or M.S.)
Some engineers want to go for higher studies like M.Tech. Some want to go abroad and do the M.S. This is the current culture in India that do engineering from any college and go for M.S in abroad countries. You have to pass GRE exams for doing studies in USA, UK and other countries. Some engineers wants to complete their academic education before start their career professionaly. They want high profile jobs and higher positions in any organizations. It is very good option if you do not have any financial problem. Go for higher studies and grab a high package opportunity.
Online Courses
Online courses is a great option to increase your knowledge and gain new techniques. Lots of online institutions offers variety of courses which is very helpful for your career promotions and make you updated for competitions. Specially computer engineers are very lucky to have that kind of courses which is very benefical for them to learn new technologies. World is changing very fast and if you do not update yourself according to that then you will not win the race of competition. This option is not available for our parents because this is the era of technology and it gives us lots of options to update.
These are some wonderful career path options after B.Tech. program. You can decide anyone according to your choice. If you have any confusion to make decision then simply go for a complete guide to choose career options for B.Tech Pass students: “What to do after B.Tech. graduation.”.
Happy Learning.
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