Career Path after Class 10th

Class 10th is the foundation of any student. If a student has passed this class with good grades and percentage then it will be beneficial for his upcoming higher studies and career. These marks will decide the stream of student. Which stream and subjects can choose with the marks of 10th class? Good marks can help to get branch like Science-Maths and Science-Biology. Average marks can help to get Commerce branch but lower marks will give you only Arts branch for higher studies. So it is very important to get good marks in the board exams because your complete career depends upon that. If you want to do business then it won’t matter but if you want to become an Engineer, Doctor and Scientist then it matters. You can not get the science stream with the lower grade. Even Schools won’t give an admission in the science branch with lower grades.
There are three main core branches available for class 10th pass students:
1. Science
2. Commerce
3. Arts

These are further sub divided in to some more sub branches.
1. Science: PCM, Biology
2. Commerce: Accounts, Multimedia, Typing
3. Arts: With your Desired Subjects
Note: These sub-divisions of branches depends on Schools and their Boards. Like CBSE and State Boards have different sub branches of core branches.
If you are crystal clear that what do you want to become in future and which stream do you want to follow your dream. You have also got good marks in 10th board and these marks gives you option to choose your branch, then it's good. But it is really a tedious job for average and below average students. They are not sure about their branch for class 11th and their future career options. They are totally confused about branch and their goal. They are not sure what they want to become in future and which field they want to choose for their career. Very complex situations, all are confused and distracted because a whole new long journey is completely depends on that golden decision. Even there marks are not too much high then simply check your “Interest”. Find out your interest lies in which field like Engineering, Medical, Commerce, Arts, Business, and Administration etc. Take suggestions from your family, friends, elders and check the future market trends and technology. Read books in advance of class 11th and 12th science, commerce and arts in free days. Analyze that which subject do you like the most and which will gives you more hurdles in future? It will clear in this pre-study process and now you are more cleared about your selection. So it is your career decision, take it very clearly and work on it.
Check your complete answer on “How to choose a branch after class 10th”.
Happy Learning.
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