Class 10th is a most important stage of an educational journey of any student. It is a one year school program. Student have to present class 10th marksheet in every job application. Even government recognize this marksheet as a verification proof. It is a Board Examination class. It is a very strange exams where student goes to another school for give board exams. It is organized at both central and state level example CBSE and RBSE etc. Every state run its own board exams and central run its own. Some schools are affilated to CBSE and some with state body. But most important thing in this class is to take decision which is connected to our future. It is a decision of branch and subject selection for class 11th after passing class 10th. This selection takes us in our choice of sector. It provides us platform to become Engineer, Doctor, CA, CS etc. But this all is depends on our class 10th marks. So we have to achieve very good marks in class 10th.

Class 10th Details

Program : Class 10
Duration : 1 Year
Organizers : Central and State Board
Subjects : Hindi, English, Science, Maths, Social Studies, Sanskrit etc.
Next Program : Class 11

Note: Here we just keep in mind that if any student wants Science in class 11th then it is must to get good marks in class 10 because on the basis of class 10th marks and percentage we will get branch and subject for class 11th like Science, Commerce, Arts. Generally students who get good percentage will take Science-(PCM: Physics, Chemistry, Maths) and Science-Biology, medium percentage holders will take commerce and remaining will have to satisfy with arts. Even schools will give subjects and branch according to percentage of class 10th.