Components of a Computer
These are the parts of the computer. It is divided in to three components:
1. Input Device
2. Central Processing Unit
3. Output Device

Input Device

Devices which send data to computer as an input are called "Input Device". They are used to give input to computer for process.
Example Keyboard, Mouse, Scanner etc.

Central Processing Unit

This is the main part of the computer. It perfroms all logical and mathematical operations on input data and gives processed information as an output to the user. It is the brain of the computer. It have some parts like Airthmatical & Logical Unit (ALU), Control Unit, Memory. All have some important task to generate output.

Output Device

Devices which gives processed informations to the user is called "Output Devices". Information display on the devices. User can use these as a soft copy or hard copy.
Example : Monitor, Plotter, Printer etc