Memory and Types of memory
Memory is the storage center of computer. It stores data and information. User enter therir data as a input and it stores in a primary memory and after processing when it gives information as a result, user will save this information as an output in secondary memory. It has two types:
1. Primary Meomory
2. Secondary Memory

Primary Memory

It is also known as internal memory or volatile memory. Generally it gives space to data in temporary mode while cpu working on it. It have two part, RAM and ROM. Data lost from RAM when power goes off. But ROM not works on that rule because it has written completely at the manufacturing time. We can not write in ROM.
1. RAM (Random Access Momory)
2. ROM (Read Only Memory)

Secondary Memory

It is known as External memory or Non Volatile Memory. It is used to store information permanently. Data does not delete when power goes off. It is slower than primary memory. It have various types :
1. Hard Disk
2. DVD Memory
3. CD Memory
4. Pen Drive
5. SD Cards
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