Software and its types

Software is a program who runs the computer. Without software we can not use computer. There are lots of program in computer. Some are system software, application software and utility software. Each software are important according to its use.

System Software

A software which operates whole computer and its parts is called "System Software". It also gives platform to any program to run the specific task on the computer. Other application program can not perform their task without the system software.
Example : Operating System (Windows, Linux).

Application Software

A software which are used to perform their own task is called Application Software. Like: MS Office etc. It is used to perform official task like tables, documents etc. They are run on system software like windows. They can run individually on computer. They are depend on system software.
Example : MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Tally Accounting Software etc

Utility Software

A small software which are used to perform only a single task is called Utility Software. Like: Winzip, Music Player etc. They are built to perform a single utility task. Some are built to play the music etc.
Example : Winzip, Winrar, Vlc Media Player etc.