Noun and its Adjective
Noun: Noun is the word of name, place, animal and thing.
Example: Ram, Tiger, Jodhpur and Cup etc.

Adjective : An adjective is a word who describe noun with extra meaning.
Example: yellow cap, sweet dish etc.
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Verb and its Adverb
Verb: A verb describe an action and what happens.
Example: run, eat, sing etc.

Adverb: An adverb is a word who describe verb with extra meaning.
Example: thankfully, icily etc.
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Verbs & their forms
Verb is an action. We use verbs almost in every sentence. It is very essential but it have forms according to tense. It means they are probably different in past, present and future. Like: Do, Did and Done.
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Idioms is an phrases or a senctence which have special meaning. A short description of a group of long sentences. Its very useful and frequently used things in english. Like - Don't be Chicken. We used this idiom when we say to anybody dont fear like a chicken.
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Regular English Word and their meaning
These are regular general english words which are very important and frequently used. They are used multiple times at their native place in general conversation. Like - Nuts. We can say to someone, are you nuts?
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