Idiom and its Uses

Idioms are short sentences with special meaning which are use at some specific situation. If you want to complete a big talk in to short then you should use idioms. Like : What a small world. This idiom is used when any two person meet after some time, then anyone says ""what a small world. It means world is so small so we have meet once again. These are some idioms and their specific uses which are generally used in english talks. They are very helpful for you to learn english pattern of conversations.
Behave Yourself
When we say someone to behave with manners.
Big Deal
We are going to do some work & think that it is not a big task.
Call it a day
When we are going to end our task in the evening.
Couch Potato
If somebody sit on the sofa and eat snacks or watch TV.
Don´t be chicken
Don´t fear.
Down to earth
He is so humble.
Easier said than done
Work looks easy rather than doing.
Feel Blue
Feeling Sick
Give someone a hand
To help somebody
Have the guts
Show the power to do some work
My Pleasure
Say thanks to someone
Nature Calls
Something natural emergency
Never Mind
Don´t feel bad
Nothing Matters
Don´t give any value
Shame on you
To scold someone
Speak of the devil
Talk for someone in simple manner and he comes
Twenty-four seven
Working for whole day and night
Who Cares
Doesn´t give any value
You made it
When anybody achieve some big or money