Online MCQ Test : Geography
Test Prepared by : Neekhil Kumar
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Q1. Which of the following part of the Sun is visible by human?
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Q2. Which layer of Sun’s atmosphere is visible during the time of eclipse?
Q3. Which planet rotates the fastest?
Q4. Which is the statement is not true about “Pluto no longer a planet”?
Q5. Which planet was the first one to be discovered with a telescope?
Q6. Juno mission is related to which planet?
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Q7. Yuri Gagarin was the first man who travel into space in which year?
Q8. Asteroid belt are found between which planets?
Q9. Who was the first women to reach space?
Q10. 1. A dark patches on the surface of the sun is known “sunspots” what is the average length of the sunspot cycle to visible?