Online MCQ Test : Geology
Test Prepared by :
Mahesh Kushwaha
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Q1. The sudden fall of a mass of earth, rock etc. is called?
Q2. When the winds blows sand in to a sheltered area behind an obstacle called?
Q3. Which geological era includes Permo-Carboniferous glaciations?
Q4. Remote Sensing of terrain features is mostly based on?
Q5. The mechanical disintegration of rock, in which the mineralogical composition of the rock is not affected ?
Q6. What is the hardness of the quartz minerals?
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Q7. What is the fault angle of the thrust fault?
Q8. When a rock breakdown by the dynamic action of any geomorphic agents like water blowing, wind etc. is called?
Q9. Which one of the following is a geo stationary satellites?
Q10. Which of the following minerals can scratch Topaz?