M.A. is known as Master of Arts. It is a 2 years post graduation program for B.A. students. You can select your desired subject in M.A from the subjects of your B.A. program. It is a detailed program of any particular subject. It makes you a master of that subject. It gives you a way to do Ph.D program for Doctorate. Maximum candidates do it for promotion in any job and for get admission in Ph.D. Government and private universities offers M.A. course in any subject. Many distance universities also offers M.A. program for those students who wants to do this program with their jobs. Students who want to go for administrative jobs like IAS, RAS and others will do it definitely because this program gives them massive knowledge of particular domain. It grows administration skills and memory storage capacity in them which will be helpful in service journey. It will give them skill to describe each topic in a detail manner which is very good for journalism and other jobs.

M.A. Postgraduation Program Details

Program : M.A.
Duration : 2 Year
Organizers : Universities
Eligibility: B.A.
Subjects: History, Geography and Others
Next Program : Ph.D

Note: It is a brilliant program for getting master in any particular subject. It gives you a dense skill of that subject and you will become specialist of that domain. It gives you massive offers in jobs specially in teaching. Many universities take entrance test for the admission in M.A program. Teacher candidate do it for promotion and become master of particular subject.