MCA is known as Master of Computer Applications. It is a 3 year post graduate degree for computer BCA students. It is pure professional computer program of many high level subjects. Programming languages, data structure, flowcharts, algorithms, software development are the key fields of MCA program. It makes you master of computer and you will handle any project very easily and team. Many government and private universities offer MCA program for graduate students. Many distance university offers MCA program for distance course. Some colleges take entrance test for MCA admissions. BCA is the minimum qualification for MCA. Student will get different types of job like senior programmer, senior analyst, project manager etc. Many type of technologies are in the program like software development, mobile development, web development etc. Every major companies have offices in many other countries like USA, France, England etc and companies send MCA holders to do job in their foreign offices.

MCA Postgraduation Program Details

Program : MCA
Duration : 3 Year
Organizers : Universities
Subjects : C, C++, Java, Mobile Development etc
Next Program : Ph.D

Note: It is 3 year professional high level computer course which opens a way to get job in multi national companies like Wipro, Infosys, TCS and many more. You should simply focus on your programming skills and try to improve it. Your basics should be cleared and a good knowledge of fundamentals of data structure and algorithms would be good for you.