Online Practice Test : Physics
Test Prepared by: Brijesh Jadaun


Q1. A bomb of mass 9 kg explodes in to two pieces of masses 3 kg and 6 kg. The velocity of 3 kg mass is 16 m/sec. The velocity of 6 kg mass is ?
Q2. Angular momentum of the particle rotating with a control face is constant due to?
Q3. A man of mass m is standing on a plank of equal mass m resting on a smooth horizontal surface. The man starts moving on the plank with speed u relative to the plank. The speed of the man relative to the ground is?
Q4.A stationary bomb explodes in to two parts of masses 3 kg and 1 kg. The total K.E of the two parts after explosion is 2400j. The KE of the smaller part is?
Q5. If a body of mass m collides head on, elastically with velocity u with another identical body at rest. After collision velocity of the second body will be?
Q6. Two perfectly elastic particles A and B of equal mass travelling along the Line joining them with velocities 15m/sec and 10m/sec. After collision their velocities will be?
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Q7. A mass of 0.5 kg moving with a speed of 1.5 m/sec on a horizontal smooth surfaces. Collides with a nearly weightless spring of force constant K = 50 N/m. The maximum compression of the spring would be?
Q8. Two bodies of masses 1 kg and 2 kg are lying in x-y plane at (-1,2) and (2,4) respectively. What are the coordinates of the centre of mass?
Q9. Consider a system of two identical particles one of the particle is at rest and the other has an acceleration a. The centre of mass has acceleration?
Q10. One projectile motion with velocity v in space, gets burst in to 2 parts of masses in the ration 1:3. The smaller part becomes stationary. What is the velocity of the other particle?