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Remote Sensing
Test Prepared by : Ajay Choudhary
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Q1. There is (are) _____ orbit(s) for a GEO satellite?
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Q2. A GEO is at the ________ orbit and revolves in phase with Earth?
Q3. SDI stands for?
Q4. In the world of GIS, another term for the property of connectivity is?
Q5. Natural phenomena are _____ and Man-made phenomena are _________?
Q6. Nominal & categorical data values are referred to as __________?
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Q7. DBMS stands for Database ___________ System?
Q8. The signal from a satellite is normally aimed at a specific area called the _________?
Q9. IS-95 cellular telephone system uses GPS to create time synchronization between the?
Q10. A ……………….. is a set of regularity spaced (and contiguous) cells with associated (field) values?