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Educlasses is an online platform for online study. We are providing education with this online medium. We are not collecting any data or informations form the users. This is a portal for helping students to give study material.
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Educlasses is an online platform for online study. Educlasses is a kind of platform where many of teachers, lecturers, students, researchers and intellectuals upload their educational stuff like tutorials and multi choice questions which may be from any of subjects. They are uploading this stuff on their experience, educations and knowledge. They are keen to share their knowledge with others. We have given only an online platform to them where they can share their knowledge. These uploaded stuff is not belong to educlasses. We are not responsible for their stuff. We are only helping users in terms of education. We are not liable to any user for any kind of damage, loss, injury, claim as a result of using any informations or any stuff like tutorials, objective questions on this website. We are not responsible for any results of your competative exams, Academic exams and any other result which you will get after using this website. Using this website is your own decision. We are not forcing or bounding anyone to use this stuff available on this website. Happy Learning.